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Severus & Hermione's Classroom

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17th September 2006


Severus at Twilight


5th March 2006

8:07pm: Welcome to the Dungens!
So you have found your way to where I, Hermonie, reside with Severus Snape who teaches Potions-and on occassion,DADA-here at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. Feel free to look around. I admit it is pretty empty at the moment but eventually it will contain the den, [fan-fiction & art] & bedroom [any fan-fiction/art that is rated above PG-13] Futher down the hall will be the office/lab I share with my beloved Potion's Master-I, myself, am his assistant in Potion-Making & companion when he has to go undercover for the OOTP-durring my Auror/Healer training. [diary entries], and of course the Potion's Classroom itself. Well, I need to go recheck the inventory for our Potion storeroom.

Enjoy your visit!
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